Comments and additional info: I don’t really know what will look the best.

Preferred Medium: Oil, Pencil
Size: Small (approx. 8 in x 10 in)

This project is complete.

Original Photo


Dog & Cat. Painting in Oil on Epson quality canvas. “8 x”10 – This painting was a Challenge in several ways. Smaller doesn’t necessarily mean easier. In fact it adds to the difficulty painting small details. I had to use a one hare brush so to speak. It was difficult to make outs the details of the animal’s faces. The cat seamed to be out of focus I couldn’t make out any details of the face, and the dog was a black silhouette with no details on his face as well. So I had to improvise in order to give them some life and character. The life in any portrait is in the eyes after all. I hope the client will like my interpretation of their pets I know how attached one can be with them.



Alterations made per customer request. Improved line of sight of pets.