Spooch the Cat

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I’d like an artist to be creative with this photo. I saw a stylized painting (print) of a cat a the store the other day that looked nice. I couldn’t tell if it was watercolor or some sort of ink wash. While I want people to recognize the cat, I don’t want the artwork to be too realistic–think artsy.  I want this to look more like art than a photo. Watercolor would be nice or maybe pastels; the only media I know I DON’T want is pencil.

Please change the background too. I don’t like the windows. Maybe just a blank background or some neutral treatment. Whatever you think would look nice.

I would like the size to be 16×20 or a bit larger is OK but not too big. I also like odd shapes like short and wide–maybe 16×24 or something.

This is a gift so I’m thinking I’d pay up to about $100.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


This project is complete.


Original Photo

Artist Comments: $130.00 – SOLD

Acrylics on stretched canvas. 16″ by 20″