Backyard Plant

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Any medium would be fine. I’d like it to be square not rectangular. I don’t care so much about the size. Also, I don’t care about the background. You can do anything you think would look nice. It looks to me like it could use a few more leaves in the front and if you added a few more bird of paradise flowers that would be ok too. I just think it would be fun to tell people that the piece of art was done from a plant in my back yard. Thanks.


This project is complete.


Original Photo

Artist Comments: $398.00 – SOLD

Transparent watercolor on Fabriano 100% cotton rag board. Square shape of 17″ x 17″. I prefer to capture the essence of the flower instead of the entire plant image.

Artist Comments: $138.00

12 by 12 acrylic painting on a stretched canvas. Almost done just was going to make the flowers stand out a little more.