Robin & Piper

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I like the light and dark contrast of this photo. I don’t want anything bigger than 18×24 and smaller is ok. Square is fine if you can make the composition work. In my mind a loose treatment of oil paint might work nice. I see this artwork going in my wife’s office or bedroom but not being the main painting. That’s why I think of it as being on the smaller side rather than larger. Realistically, I don’t think I would pay more than $300 unframed. I’d consider buying more than one treatment ie a pastel and an oil. Maybe keep one and give one to our son and daughter-in-law. Thanks.


This project is complete.


Original Photo

Artist Comments: $26.00

10″x10″ Photographic print

Artist Comments: $299.00 – SOLD

14″ X 18″ original acrylic on untempered masonite. When my daughter was younger, we would get up every morning and put her curly strawberry blonde hair into two french braids so I felt an instant connection to the photo. Dona Larkin