It’s easy to post a photo, but there are a couple little things we want to tell you first.

In order to prevent people who have no intention of purchasing the final artwork from posting photos, we charge $10 up front which we donate directly to a wonderful charity called Hands of Freedom. The $10 per photo donation is the only time you are required to spend money at this site.

While there is no obligation to purchase the artwork created from your photo, please keep in mind that the artists who work on your photos invest substantial time and effort. Be kind to them whether you purchase or not.

Also be aware that we screen for inappropriate photos, so your photo won’t appear on the site right away. If you check back the next day, you will see your photo and know it’s available to any artist who wishes to fulfill your request.

When an artist posts their artwork created from your photo, we will notify you by email. If you like the artwork and like the price, you can make the purchase.

When you post your photos, it helps to also give the artist lots of information. Taking the time to fill out the form completely will increase the chance that you will like the final artwork and that the artist can make a sale.

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