For both the buyer and the artist, this site is your personal agent.

Whether you are someone buying artwork or the artist, think of this site as your agent. It brings the artist and the buyer together to help commission a piece of artwork. Commissioning artwork is normally outside the price range for the average family. Consequently, most people don’t have much original artwork in their homes. This site will change that.


For the buyer

You decide on the subject, you decide the price you are willing to pay, and you don’t have to buy the finished product if you don’t like it. Not all artists are willing to work this way, but many are.

You can feel good about using this site for 3 reasons:

  1. You are providing jobs for artists
  2. You can purchase original, meaningful art at a reasonable price
  3. Money from this site goes to helping the untouchables in India.


For the Artist

Many artists try to guess what people want and how much they might pay. Then they take the art they have created to an art show and hope for the best. With this site, customers tell you exactly what they want and how much they are willing to pay. While there is still a risk that the customer will not purchase the artwork, the risk of guessing both the subject and the price is removed. Your chances of selling the work you create increases significantly.

Imagine how the crowd would be flocking to your booth at an art fair if all of your paintings were of their treasured subjects at a price they could afford. Sales would no doubt be brisk. That’s what this site is like.

You can feel good about using this site for three reasons:

  1. You will be providing mainstream America with original artwork they can afford
  2. It’s a ready stream of customers telling you exactly what they want and how much they will pay
  3. Not only do you get paid for the artwork you sell, submission fees go to helping the untouchables in India!


Hands of Freedom

In addition to providing beautiful artwork to buyers and jobs for artists, an underlying purpose of this site is to fund a wonderful charity called Hands of Freedom. Hands of Freedom lifts up the untouchables in India by introducing them to Jesus which, for the first time, gives their life hope.