Frequently Asked Questions

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What is this site?

Our site helps connect artists with people who want artwork. Artists from around the country sign up to paint original renditions of pictures submitted online. This makes it easy for art lovers to get customized, meaningful artwork that they’ll love. 

You can learn more about our site here.

How do I add a photo?

Adding a photo is easy. 

First, go to this page: Post a Photo

Second, scroll to the form with the header “submit a photo”

Third, fill out all the form sections. Billing and contact info is necessary for shipping your painting and the $10 submission fee. Submission fees help keep our site spam free. 

Add your photo on the form, and submit!

Get started here. 

What happens after I post?

After submitting your photo, we’ll add it to our In Progress section. This will usually take a day in order to scan the submission. A project page will also be created, which is available by clicking your photo in the In Progress section. 

Once it’s posted, artists on our site will be alerted to a new photo. 

Artists will paint your photo using their own rendition. Multiple artists might choose to paint your picture. 

When an artist submits their photo, it will be added to the project page. You will also receive an email about the new submission. 

You can respond to the email with further direction for the artist, or you can negotiate the price that the artist submitted. 

If you like the painting and you agree on a price, we’ll send you a link to purchase. 

In summary, after posting your photo, give it some time and keep an eye on your email for updates!

How much does it cost?

Artists decide on their own prices.

It costs $10 to post a photo, which is sent entirely to charity.

After that, the cost of the actual painting will vary based on size and the artist. When submitting your photo, you can select a preferred price range.

You can negotiate the cost with the artist, and multiple artists might submit a painting.

Most paintings have gone for $200-$250, which includes shipping costs and your one-of-a-kind work of art.

This is generally a lot less expensive than  other commissioned artwork. 

What types of photos can I post?

You can post a picture of anything you want turned into a painting. If it’s meaningful to you, wouldn’t it look great on the wall?

We see a lot of photos of pets, vacation spots, couples, outdoor scenery, and children. 

But there’s so much more you can post. You or someone special in your life might like something like these:

Business owners: A painting of their logo, their team working, or their business location. 

Parents: Graduation pictures, unique collages, or family memories

Musicians: Anything music related

Athletes: Paintings related to their favorite sports team, or a painting of them celebrating a victory. 

Everyone: Custom mixtures of multiple photos. Painting was the original photoshop! Ask for someone or something to be added in to your photo. Just send us an additional reference photo! 

Keep your mind open to all the possibilities!

How long does it take to paint my photo?

Generally, you will have your painting within a month of posting your photo. 

We can not give definitive timetables as artists on Post and Paint are not employees, and choose to paint on their own time. 

Some paintings will take longer if you choose to request changes or negotiate cost, but most submitted photos have been completed in about two weeks. 

If you’re hoping to get a painting by a specific date, we recommend submitting your photo in advance and noting your time deadline in your submission. We’ll be able to pass this along to artists.

What charity do you support?

Our $10 submission fee is donated to charity. 

We are currently supporting Hands of Freedom, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on helping the poor of India. A holistic, gospel-centered movement, Hands of Freedom is helping to transform the lives of people relegated to the bottom rung of society, including at-risk children, by providing spiritual, educational and business mentoring and opportunities.

Learn more about our connection with Hands of Freedom here. 

Where can I see more examples?

Some of our favorite examples are available on the Examples page

If you want to see even more artwork from our site, click here. 

I'm an artist, how do I submit my artwork?

Submit a high quality photo of your artwork and the price you would like to charge. You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Submit your photo on this page.
  2. You can email the submission to us at
I'm an artist, how do I get started?

If you’re interested in posting pictures on the site, more information can be found on the Artists page

Start by creating an account so you’ll be emailed when new photos are posted. You can then start painting pictures in the In Progress section as soon as you want!