Yesterday I spent time walking a wonderful art show in Cape Coral Florida. It’s a huge show with 300 juried exhibitors and over 100,000 potential buyers attending. As I scanned the crowd it appeared that less than 1 in a hundred were carrying something they bought. I told my wife to imagine how much more artwork would have been sold if the booths would have been filled with artwork created specifically for each person attending. Artwork of their pet, their grandchild, or their hotrod.

I love my Bengal cat. My wife complains that I kiss the cat more than I kiss her. Do you think I could have walked by a booth that had a painting of my cat without buying it? Not likely.

Even though this was a super successful show and I’m sure some artists did well, most of them left that show with a truckload of unsold work. Even on this site there is risk that you will do the work and the person won’t buy it, but the odds are astronomical higher than creating general artwork that may or may not appeal to a buyer.