OK, where are all the creative artists? I’ve been waiting for someone to do some sort cool abstract with photo 1045. How can you ignore a photo when the person posting it says this; “C

reative license is issued. Be free with this fun photo.”

I met a young artist about  a month ago who wasn’t all that talented yet except for one stylized stick man sort of treatment she was doing that was really very interesting. I told her about the site and photo 1045 but nothing has shown up yet. I roughly sketched out what she was doing so you can see what I’m talking about.

I just wanted to call your attention to this one because you have been given permission to break the rules!

Also, with the new notes section, don’t be afraid to press the customers for a price range. I have it in the form but some choose not to fill it in.  They don’t have to tell you but no one says you can’t ask.