Thirty years ago a friend asked me if I would do a painting from a photo for his dad’s birthday. He had been on a horseback riding trip with his dad and thought it would make a nice gift. I saw his mother at an event he was hosting a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t seen her in many years. She told me, “Lonny, I think of you every day. When my husband died I moved into a town home and put your painting in the dinning room. Every morning I go in there and look at it. And when I die I want that painting to go to my son.” Needless to say her comments moved me. I felt thankful to have created a painting that meant so much to her.

This morning I was communicating with one of the artists who is painting photos for this site. She said “I’m planning to work from your site next week again. The only difficult part is deciding which photo to choose. I know that I will be painting subjects that mean a great deal to other people, and that is inspiring to me.”

The people who post photos, and the artists who turn those photos into works of art, are creating treasures that will in many cases be cherished for generations.

Lonny Kocina