I’m trying to keep this site simple so I wasn’t going to have a blog but I changed my mind. There were just too many things popping into my mind that I wanted to mention.

I’m excited about finally being able to promote this site. Last Friday I did an interview about the site on a local Minneapolis Jazz station; 88.5 FM with Ed Jones. He was intrigued by the concept and we had a nice spike in site visitors for the next few days.

How nice is it to own a marketing company that employs ten full-time publicists when you need to promote something!!! They are busy setting up more media interviews as I write this and I am very grateful for their work .

I’m guessing that there is a couple thousand dollars worth of potential work for artists and we have just a handful of photos so far. Lots of potential as we promote the site and it grows.

One thing I’ve found very positive as I’ve talked to people about posting photos is they are nervous about posting a photo, having the artist do the work, and then not buying it.  That means that the people who are posting the photos are serious about buying.

I also own an event and expos company and for fun I’m going to get a booth next week at an expo we are hosting and promote the site there. I have a Dodge Viper (boy, am I bragging a lot) that I will park in my booth and do a painting of it while I promote the site. It should be a cool way to draw attention.

My biggest hope for the site is that it will be a source of work for artists that I would have loved to have had when I was starting out.

I have a lot more on my mind that I’d like to write about but I’m getting behind in my day.