I’m down at Jackpot Junction in Morton Minnesota exhibiting at our Fifty Plus Prime Time Living Expo. I’m getting great feedback on the site and expect to see some new photos posted soon. Seniors are the greatest. They stop by the booth and love to visit.

It’s a small world. One lady I talked to said she used to live just a couple doors down from where I grew up in Glencoe, Minnesota. She recognized a painting I had done of my great grandfather’s pop shop out in Glencoe. Of course all the local pop shops are long gone so it was cool she recognized it. Then I found out that another couple I was visiting with live just a few houses away from our cabin near Pequot Lakes.

To attract attention, I have my Dodge Viper in the booth and am working on a painting of it while I talk to people. The seniors are so funny. One guy who looked to be in his eighties tottered up and said “I’d like to sit in your car but you’d have to bury me in it because I could never get back out.” They were having their picture taken with it and making silly jokes all day long. Lots of fun.

Tomorrow I have two local artist who will be joining me and painting photos from the website. It will be fun to see what they come up with.

I also told one of my employee’s daughters that if she posts a funny picture of her cat and someone paints it, I’d buy it for her (if it’s not too expensive of course-think a hundred or less). I say paint but it could be any form of artwork.

The people who have been posting so far are serious about buying so for all you artists out there; who ever gets something up first is likely going to sell their work.