I’ve been thinking about different ways people might use this site to sell artwork.

One idea would be for restaurants in tourist areas to take pictures of land marks in the area, post those photo on the site with the amount you would pay, then buy the paintings and put them up in the restaurant for resale at a higher price. For example; I have a cabin up by Pequot Lakes. The Pequot Lakes water tower is painted like a fishing bobber and it’s known to everyone who has ever visited that area or traveled that road. A local restaurant owner could take a dozen photos from different angles and post them on the site with a note about what he is doing, i.e. ” I want to resell paintings in my restaurant of this local landmark. Looking for lots of different styles. I need to buy these inexpensively so I have room to mark them up. Small, big, watercolor, pencil, paint, abstract, real, whatever; I’m looking for variety.”

Now imagine going in to that restaurant and seeing dozens of different artistic renditions of the bobber water tower.  I just think it would  be a really cool promotional tactic and revenue source.

Another idea I had was for photographers. This one isn’t fully baked but what if you were to find a small lake with lots of homes. Take a boat and work your way around the shoreline taking pictures all the way. Then post those photos on the site for artist to paint.

Here’s how it could be promoted; local photographer/artist has come up with the challenge of having artists paint their renditions of his/her photographs that completely encompass lake xyz. Like I said, this idea is half baked but here is the premise. People who live on lakes have money. People who live on lakes love their property. People who see a painting of their lake property are likely to buy it. If you could wrap this in some sort of “big art” campaign idea, like Art Around the Lake (Maybe have a local bank sponsor it) I think it could get some attention.

Ok, the first idea is pretty good but the second one is a little goofy. But I just think there might be some ways creative business people could use this site to make a buck. I’ll keep thinking and if you have some ideas, try them or let me know and I’ll write about them.