Last night we had friends over for dinner and one of them mentioned that a couple of paintings they saw at a charity silent auction sold for around $5,000. She thought it would be a nice idea to post a photo on this site of something relating to a charity, buy it, and then donating it to be auctioned off. I loved the idea and plan on doing that myself next time I’m invited to a charity fundraiser.

Something else happened recently that I’ll mention. A few days ago I replied to someone from the site who had written me a note asking what mediums were allowed on the site. I wrote back that the more creative people are, the better. I said mentioned that it would be really cool if a stained glass artist found the site. The every next day an artist wrote me to say they do stained glass and have been watching the photos for one they thought was appropriate. How awesome would it be to see a photo done in stained glass!

Please use the blogs below each photo to communicate with each other. If you are posting photos, engage the artists in conversation and you are more likely to get the artwork you want and the price you are willing to pay. And if you are an artist, reach out and talk to the person who posted the photo. The more you know about what the person wants and their budget, the more likely you will hit the mark and make the sale.

So, don’t be bashful. It’s a brave new social media world. Have some fun and Chat it up out there!