Artist Guide

Technical Help

How to Submit Your Photos

There are two ways to submit your paintings.


Option 1: Submit Online

You can easily submit your photo online, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Simply go to our Submit Your Artwork page.

Find the SKU for the photo that was submitted, located above the picture on the In Progress Artwork section.

Fill out all the fields on the Submit page, and click submit.


Option 2: Manual Email

If you are having issues with the comments or forms, you can choose to manually send the image to us. Simply email the image and information to

Be sure to include a high-resolution image, a proposed price, size, medium used, and any other information you wish to include. We’ll add the image to the site as soon as we can!


Deciding on a Price

There are a number of things to consider when deciding on a price. The price you submit to us is the price the customer will pay. Aside from how much you want to profit on your photo, we deduct a 30% commission fee. You also are in charge of shipping, which means any small shipping costs will be taken from the painting cost, not added on.

You can try to sell your painting for a $5 profit or a $5000 profit, it’s all up to you. Keep in mind that the customer is not obligated to purchase the painting, so consider their needs to make them more likely to agree.

If your painting isn’t purchased within 60 days of you posting it, it is yours to do with as you please.

Example: If you paint a picture and submit a $100 price, the customer will purchase the art for $100. We will then deduct our 30% commission, sending you a check for $70. 


Other Questions?