Oil on stretched canvas 16″20″
I decided to treat this subject as a traditional portrait with a simple
back ground, eliminating the room in the photograph. I appreciate
it when the customer sends in photos that are in sharp focus as in this
case. One can work from soft photos as well but it makes it more
of a challenge to do so. The attire of this young lady was also a
challenge but of the kind that makes it more fun to paint.

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One Response to “1061-A $390”

  1. lkocina
    15 October 2011 at 1:01 pm #

    I should point out that, as in this case, some artist price their work beyond the requested price of the customer. Usually it is simply a function of economics. portraits require skill level that is beyond the capacity of many artist and they take a certain amount of time. There is also the price art materials, i.e. canvas, brushes, paints, thinners, that are surprisingly expensive. To be frank, a portrait of this quality would probably be a bargain at $5,000. When I see work like this, I know that the artist is giving up a lot to try and get close to the customers price range and I hope customers appreciate that. I know I do.