Oil on stretched canvas 16″x20″
This is the second portrait I’ve painted for this client. I decided to
loosen up the technique a little from the first work because this photo
was slightly out of focus. Not being able to see small details adds to
the degree of difficulty. I hope this one will be acceptable as well.

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One Response to “1060-A $259”

  1. Rik Roberts
    21 October 2011 at 9:07 am #

    Hello Keith. I am the person who submitted the photos. You are correct about resolution. This was taken on my iPhone. It has great res for a phone, but not the best for real pics. This painting is different from the last one, but i like it equally well. I will work with Heather to get it purchased.

    Thanks, you have made for a couple of great Christmas gifts.

    Best, Rik