Important note to artists; Please don’t paint this picture. I’m working on painting this and just thought some of you would like to see it in progress. Robin and I took our grandchildren Piper and Reagan to Paul Bunyan Land in Brainerd Minnesota two weekends ago and I took this picture of them on the airplane ride. Piper is in the foreground plane and Reagan is in the back one.

For those of you thinking of posting photos; Artists can turn photos like this one into treasures that will last generations. As I was painting this tonight, I told my wife Robin that I bet Piper and Reagan will fight over who gets this painting one day. I write the “back story” on the back of all my paintings and I suggest you do the same. Think of how fun it will be for Piper and Reagan to have this painting with a little story written by their grandpa on the back. Not much doubt this one will be passed down for generations.

Lonny Kocina

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