Commission an Artist

Do you like a particular artist’s style? Would you like to commission only them to do your photo? That’s easy. Just post your photo on this page.

You’ll notice that on the form there is a box that says “Sku of a painting of the artist you like.” Sku numbers are found below each piece of artwork in the gallery and will tell us which artist you want us to contact on your behalf.

Within a few days you will receive the price that artist will agree to paint your photo for. If you agree to the price, the process moves ahead.

Unlike posting a photo on the main site, if you commission an artist you are agreeing to buy the artwork at a set price in advance of the artist doing the work. If you accept the price, you will be required to pay for the artwork in advance with the agreement that the artist will supply the work within an agreed upon deadline.

The artist also agrees to move your project to the top of their schedule.

Commissioned work does not get posted on the website so it is the perfect way to surprise someone with a gift who may be checking the site gallery. It’s also a way to assure that artwork is done by a certain date and that you get a style of work you already know you like.


Commission an Artist

  • Mobile device users: if the upload field does not work on your mobile browser please email your photo to
  • Any additional advice or comments that would help the artist meet your requirements.
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