A painting makes a nice donation for a silent auction

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Last night we had friends over for dinner and one of them mentioned that a couple of paintings they saw at a charity silent auction sold for around $5,000. She thought it would be a nice idea to post a photo on this site of something relating to a charity, buy it, and then donating it to be auctioned off. I loved the idea and plan on doing that myself next time I’m invited to a charity fundraiser.

Something else happened recently that I’ll mention. A few days ago I replied to someone from the site who had written me a note asking what mediums were allowed on the site. I wrote back that the more creative people are, the better. I said mentioned that it would be really cool if a stained glass artist found the site. The every next day an artist wrote me to say they do stained glass and have been watching the photos for one they thought was appropriate. How awesome would it be to see a photo done in stained glass!

Please use the blogs below each photo to communicate with each other. If you are posting photos, engage the artists in conversation and you are more likely to get the artwork you want and the price you are willing to pay. And if you are an artist, reach out and talk to the person who posted the photo. The more you know about what the person wants and their budget, the more likely you will hit the mark and make the sale.

So, don’t be bashful. It’s a brave new social media world. Have some fun and Chat it up out there!



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The Post and Paint site is producing lots of touching stories. The person who posted the photo this painting was done from had a friend whose baby died recently. She didn’t have a lot to spend on a painting to give the parents but some goodhearted people, including artist Keith Grove, came together to make it happen.


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I love and hate technology. The other day Jenn Baker who heads up production in our internet company asked me if my gravitar or avitar or whatevervitar, has been updated recently. I said I wasn’t even sure what that was, although I know it has something to do with how your photo shows up on posts. She laughed and said she would check into it. So, today I notice I am wearing a tie in my photo, which of course is totally appropriate for my other business but makes me look like a stuffed shirt on this site. It could be that in changes depending on which email address I sign in under but I’m neither smart enough to know that or concerned enough to care.

I will be making a few more changes to the site soon. I know it’s cumbersome to navigate through the pages and that will be changing. I would also like to have a “meet the artist” page, and with a little thinking and luck I’ll have that figured out in the near future. The problem all businesses face, especially new concepts like this one, is time and money. There are a million things I’d like to do but they have to come in turn.

If you want a painting done in time for Christmas, you need to get your photo posted now. Turning your photo into a painting takes some time.


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When I started this site a few months ago, I thought that I might get too many photos and not enough artists. Turns out that it’s easier to attract artists than it is to get people to post photos. My worry about people posting photos was that because there was no requirement to purchase, they would post a bunch of photos just for the fun of seeing them turned into art. In fact, it’s the opposite. Many of the folks I’ve talked to are hesitant to post a photo because they are worried about causing an artist to do work and then not buying it from them. They seem like they would like to post a photo but then hesitate. I’m not sure how to solve this because I don’t want tire kikers.

It’s an interesting business problem though; keeping the right balance of artists and customers.



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Down at the Girlfriends Expo in Red Wing Minnesota promoting the site this weekend. This is not only a good opportunity to tell folks about the site but it’s also a market research opportunity. As usual, I’m surprised how long it takes for people to catch on to the concept. When I ask them if they get what I’m doing they all say yes. But when I ask a few questions it’s clear they really don’t get it. Then after a bit more explanation the lights go on. I’m working my way to a more succinct


Commission your favorite artist…

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Now you can commission the work of your favorite Post and Paint artist. Check out the new navigation tab at the top of the page.


Who’s up for abstract?

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OK, where are all the creative artists? I’ve been waiting for someone to do some sort cool abstract with photo 1045. How can you ignore a photo when the person posting it says this; “C

reative license is issued. Be free with this fun photo.”

I met a young artist about  a month ago who wasn’t all that talented yet except for one stylized stick man sort of treatment she was doing that was really very interesting. I told her about the site and photo 1045 but nothing has shown up yet. I roughly sketched out what she was doing so you can see what I’m talking about.

I just wanted to call your attention to this one because you have been given permission to break the rules!

Also, with the new notes section, don’t be afraid to press the customers for a price range. I have it in the form but some choose not to fill it in.  They don’t have to tell you but no one says you can’t ask.



Creative ways to make money using this site

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I’ve been thinking about different ways people might use this site to sell artwork.

One idea would be for restaurants in tourist areas to take pictures of land marks in the area, post those photo on the site with the amount you would pay, then buy the paintings and put them up in the restaurant for resale at a higher price. For example; I have a cabin up by Pequot Lakes. The Pequot Lakes water tower is painted like a fishing bobber and it’s known to everyone who has ever visited that area or traveled that road. A local restaurant owner could take a dozen photos from different angles and post them on the site with a note about what he is doing, i.e. ” I want to resell paintings in my restaurant of this local landmark. Looking for lots of different styles. I need to buy these inexpensively so I have room to mark them up. Small, big, watercolor, pencil, paint, abstract, real, whatever; I’m looking for variety.”

Now imagine going in to that restaurant and seeing dozens of different artistic renditions of the bobber water tower.  I just think it would  be a really cool promotional tactic and revenue source.

Another idea I had was for photographers. This one isn’t fully baked but what if you were to find a small lake with lots of homes. Take a boat and work your way around the shoreline taking pictures all the way. Then post those photos on the site for artist to paint.

Here’s how it could be promoted; local photographer/artist has come up with the challenge of having artists paint their renditions of his/her photographs that completely encompass lake xyz. Like I said, this idea is half baked but here is the premise. People who live on lakes have money. People who live on lakes love their property. People who see a painting of their lake property are likely to buy it. If you could wrap this in some sort of “big art” campaign idea, like Art Around the Lake (Maybe have a local bank sponsor it) I think it could get some attention.

Ok, the first idea is pretty good but the second one is a little goofy. But I just think there might be some ways creative business people could use this site to make a buck. I’ll keep thinking and if you have some ideas, try them or let me know and I’ll write about them.



Now you can let the artists know what you think of their work!

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We made a cool change to the gallery. Now anyone can leave a comment for the artist about their work. Mark Twain said; “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” Let the artists know what you think of their work. It will make their day and compliments are free!

Just remember, it’s hard to get a compliment wrong so go wild, but be very thoughtful if you are going to critique.  And if you your criticism is rude or malicious, remember this;  I am the king of this site and I can ban you from my kingdom forever.


Get updated automatically on gallery posts

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If you would like to automatically see photos and artwork as they are posted to the site, you can get them to flow into your Facebook news stream by becoming a fan. When you are on Facebook, just type Post and Paint into the search box and you will see a logo for Post and paint with the word company below it. Click on that and it will bring you to the company site (not the regular site you are on now). At the top of the page you will see a like button. Just click like and then every time a photo or a painting is added, it will show up in your Facebook news feed. If you want to become one of my “A” list friends (and I know everyone does) you can help me promote the site by sharing or liking the photos and paintings as you see fit.

It would also be nice if you commented on the artwork. Artist love to get feedback on their work.


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I just revised my letter on the home page to talk about giving artwork as a Christmas gift. It’s hard to imagine a better gift than a painting of something or someone you love.


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Thirty years ago a friend asked me if I would do a painting from a photo for his dad’s birthday. He had been on a horseback riding trip with his dad and thought it would make a nice gift. I saw his mother at an event he was hosting a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t seen her in many years. She told me, “Lonny, I think of you every day. When my husband died I moved into a town home and put your painting in the dinning room. Every morning I go in there and look at it. And when I die I want that painting to go to my son.” Needless to say her comments moved me. I felt thankful to have created a painting that meant so much to her.

This morning I was communicating with one of the artists who is painting photos for this site. She said “I’m planning to work from your site next week again. The only difficult part is deciding which photo to choose. I know that I will be painting subjects that mean a great deal to other people, and that is inspiring to me.”

The people who post photos, and the artists who turn those photos into works of art, are creating treasures that will in many cases be cherished for generations.

Lonny Kocina


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I wrote a note about pricing to an artist I know who is exhibiting at a festival and thought it would be good advice for all artists to keep in mind. Here it is;

I have some pricing advice for you if you are interested. As you know I have a fifty person ad agency and for fun I teach marketing at a local college, so I’m pretty smart at this stuff.

The bar of sales is set high; people have to desire your product more than their money–and people have a strong desire to keep their money.

Think of it this way; it’s always about price. If you had 50 paintings and gave them away, they would all be gone in an hour and you would have $0. If you were to charge 1 penny for each painting they would all be sold in an hour and you would have 50 cents. If you were to charge a nickel for each painting they would all be sold in an hour and you would have $2.50. If you charged 1 dollar for your paintings they would all be sold and you would have $50. $5=$250, $10=$500, $20=$1,000, and so on. Somewhere there is a maximum price point at which you will sell all your paintings in one or two days.

Keep in mind that it’s really the customer who sets the price, not you. Sam Walton used to say “if you are ever confused about your business, go to the customer. They have all the answers and all them money.” To his point, I would say let the customer tell you what they are willing to pay for your paintings. And you do this by simply lowering your prices until they sell.

Now, you may not like the price people are willing to pay and you may not be able to make a profit, but you will know what that price is.

What I’ve found out is that if I can get a stream of money flowing, even if it’s meager, it allows me some cash flow until I eventually figure out how to provide the product at the price people will pay.

And one last bit of advice; Don’t take it personal when customers are unwilling to pay you what you think your work is worth. It’s not a statement of how little your artwork is worth, it’s a statement of how little money most people have to spend. I personally like the challenge of figuring out how to provide a product cheap enough so customers think it’s a steal. If you can do that, it will be a win for everyone.


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I took this photo before the Expo opened this morning. Once people catch on to how this site works, I can see the light go on in their head. Lots of folks said they knew an artist that would be interested in the site. Two artists who were exhibiting at the expo were working on photos from the site. Right now I need more photos posted. Please, help me spread the word about this site. I need lots of photos posted because there are lots of starving artists to feed. Think of posting a photo like making a food shelf donation.





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I’m down at Jackpot Junction in Morton Minnesota exhibiting at our Fifty Plus Prime Time Living Expo. I’m getting great feedback on the site and expect to see some new photos posted soon. Seniors are the greatest. They stop by the booth and love to visit.

It’s a small world. One lady I talked to said she used to live just a couple doors down from where I grew up in Glencoe, Minnesota. She recognized a painting I had done of my great grandfather’s pop shop out in Glencoe. Of course all the local pop shops are long gone so it was cool she recognized it. Then I found out that another couple I was visiting with live just a few houses away from our cabin near Pequot Lakes.

To attract attention, I have my Dodge Viper in the booth and am working on a painting of it while I talk to people. The seniors are so funny. One guy who looked to be in his eighties tottered up and said “I’d like to sit in your car but you’d have to bury me in it because I could never get back out.” They were having their picture taken with it and making silly jokes all day long. Lots of fun.

Tomorrow I have two local artist who will be joining me and painting photos from the website. It will be fun to see what they come up with.

I also told one of my employee’s daughters that if she posts a funny picture of her cat and someone paints it, I’d buy it for her (if it’s not too expensive of course-think a hundred or less). I say paint but it could be any form of artwork.

The people who have been posting so far are serious about buying so for all you artists out there; who ever gets something up first is likely going to sell their work.


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I’m trying to keep this site simple so I wasn’t going to have a blog but I changed my mind. There were just too many things popping into my mind that I wanted to mention.

I’m excited about finally being able to promote this site. Last Friday I did an interview about the site on a local Minneapolis Jazz station; 88.5 FM with Ed Jones. He was intrigued by the concept and we had a nice spike in site visitors for the next few days.

How nice is it to own a marketing company that employs ten full-time publicists when you need to promote something!!! They are busy setting up more media interviews as I write this and I am very grateful for their work .

I’m guessing that there is a couple thousand dollars worth of potential work for artists and we have just a handful of photos so far. Lots of potential as we promote the site and it grows.

One thing I’ve found very positive as I’ve talked to people about posting photos is they are nervous about posting a photo, having the artist do the work, and then not buying it.  That means that the people who are posting the photos are serious about buying.

I also own an event and expos company and for fun I’m going to get a booth next week at an expo we are hosting and promote the site there. I have a Dodge Viper (boy, am I bragging a lot) that I will park in my booth and do a painting of it while I promote the site. It should be a cool way to draw attention.

My biggest hope for the site is that it will be a source of work for artists that I would have loved to have had when I was starting out.

I have a lot more on my mind that I’d like to write about but I’m getting behind in my day.