If you are an artist who would like to apply your talents to Post and Paint, follow the simple step by step process listed below.

Step 1. Browse the photos in the Gallery, make a selection, and create your artwork

Step 2. Submit a photo of your artwork and the price you would like using the form below

*note that the price the customer sees will have our commission added

Step 3. Your posted artwork will appear on the site within 24 hours (the delay is due to screening for inappropriate postings), and an email will be sent to the prospective buyer who posted the original photo

Step 4. We will contact you immediately if the customer chooses to purchase your artwork

Hint to Artists; ¬†While customers can leave notes suggesting the medium they would like used, you may want to try something different. Be creative! That’s what artists do, and the customer may be pleasantly surprised by your artistic vision. Besides, there is no rule that a customer can buy only one treatment of their photo. Have fun!

Click here to read more advice for artists from Lonny Kocina

Submit your Artwork

  • (see number below photo)
  • Please include the cost of shipping in your desired price.
  • You must agree to these terms and conditions in order to submit a painting.
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